Medical care for patients requires substantial cognitive work. Cognitive work is also performed to accomplish what has been termed technical work. Technical work entails the many practical, yet essential, activities that are needed to perform medical care. Each care procedure depends on the timely synchronization of people, equipment, tools, and facilities to perform it. The planning and management of procedures for an entire suite of operating rooms also requires coordination. Both the individual procedure level and the collective unit level require the performance of cognitive tasks that include resource availability assessment, allocation, anticipation, prediction, trade-off decisions, speculation, and negotiation. The control and display interfaces for each piece of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment are an example of IT to assist medical care. Software to assist resource allocation planning and management is an example of IT to support cognitive technical work.   

– C.NemethM.NunnallyM.O’ConnorP.A.KlockR.Cook          

V-ETS provides several Healthcare IT services that can fuel the smooth running of Healthcare Organizations. The services we offer include

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