First Command Center in the District

V-ETS has successfully delivered the District's first Health Emergency Command Center (HECC) and has played a key role in Emergency Preparedness and Management throughout the District. The Command Center is designed to be activated in case of an emergency and acts as a central collaboration unit for First Responders and District personnel. Equipped with live broadcasting and communication capabilities, the HECC is the innovation hub and has been one of V-ETS's groundbreaking Projects

Assisted the decision makers within the government with increasing their capabilities as a first responder community through leveraging the necessary tools for early detection, rapid response, public awareness and communication, disaster survival and recovery through next generation products and services.

Helped in introducing the government to Salesforce, AWS and Oracle Cloud. Designed and Developed the Health Information Systems, Death With Dignity and the Medical Orders for the Scope of Treatment Registry.

Successfully migrated data-centers to AWS, Oracle and Azure environments.

Reduced technical costs, improved performance and ensured reliability with the help from our Cloud Consulting Partners

Enterprise Gateway to the provision Hybrid Cloud infrastructure across Oracle Cloud and AWS, with high availability and data-driven support for mass emergency communication, collaboration video, Teleconferencing and Digital Media.

First woman-owned, secured 20G backbone in the District of Columbia for data in transit and data at rest.

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