Finally, you can now own 360SPACES, the world’s first premium mobile expansion health unit.

Imagine healthcare facilities compliantly expanding to accommodate the needs of their communities as swiftly as possible. With 360SPACES, quickly set-up “hospitals without walls.” Easily extend hospital bed capacities, set up rooms for isolation and gather real time data to meet unforeseen spikes in healthcare demands and mitigate vulnerabilities for emergency management with 360SPACES.

Solar and Battery fueled power alternatives

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360SPACES is transforming the future of real estate with smart, health compliant and bespoke mobility. Find out how you can own yours today.

Sustainable and energy efficient


360SPACES is our first product built as an expansion community with a technology back end that can be used in Healthcare, Pharmaceticuls, Hospital at Home, Tele-health, Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Education and more. When the world needed it most, we built a model expansion community health and wellness space that would create a connection to vibe and uplift. Smart spaces design by you for you. 360 Experience Center is Hi-Tech Real Estate Reimagined.


360SPACES core objective is to provide affordable, environmental, and sustainable smart real estate solutions. 360SPACES @©️ is the world's first premium mobile expansion health community and we have developed the most advanced smart dwellings with on board edge-to-edge technologies that encompass what is--Health Care Management Anywhere, Anytime, on Any device.


Our Units align with our digital health platforms. We are focused on ensuring a healthy, autonomous, Iiving and working experience for all occupants. We have redefined how commercial, retail, and housing spaces are designed and utilized. They are all CDC compliant and therefore are attractive when isolation protocols are necessary; thereby, promoting contactless interactions in a medically safe environment. Additionally, our Units may be used as alternative spaces to meet the needs of displaced residents during natural disaster scenarios, overcrowding or public health emergencies.


Convertible spaces that are mobile and energy efficient. Built to support any real estate initiative. Customized Advanced High-Tech Platforms as A Service with integrated wellness surveillance. The Only Completely Green Sustainable Initiative built to be Off Grid or On Grid. Mobile platform with 3 Phase Power. On board septic system. On-Board Showers, Toilets, Multimedia Services, Telemetry. Backend, Wifi, and the CDC requirements for Isolation.

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