360REGISTRY™ is the first social health app every American can download to take action and control their personal healthcare journey, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Designed to drive accessible autonomous equitable healthcare for everyone, this telemetry tool captures healthcare data compliant with public health mandates and readily bridges interoperability gaps in the US healthcare system.

360Registry is the game-changing app that offers a secure, seamless platform that ensures accuracy in the capture of registrant health data, enabling real-time, 24/7 data access, for everyday health protocols and emergency management and first responders use.


Every American can access their 360Registry app and change the way we get treated as patients. Its infrastructure empowers every patient and caregiver with the effective communication of updated, accessible and accurate health information, collaborative healthcare providers and enhanced patient engagement with doctors and practitioners.


360Registry enables ACOs, hospitals, mental and healthcare providers and organizations, local communities, clinics, insurance companies, schools, emergency vehicles and pharmacies with Healthcare information interoperability (HIT). They become fully equipped with real-time accessible data for accurate diagnosis, refill subscriptions, cut-down patients’ hospital trips and schedule virtual medical care.


More than 1/3 of the healthcare industry will be automated. The focus on the industry will be on always-on, AI-enabled systems for the management of advance of illness and disease. With 360Registry, healthcare service providers and new industry entrants kickstart their shift future ready, tech-savvy healthcare professionals

Make healthcare equity possible with 360Registy.

Power Providers

Sign-up for the 360Registry license to digitize their patient-centric data for accuracy, accessibility and interoperability

Power People

Download the 360Registry app to automated healthcare management

Power Prevention

80% of the social determinant of health is better understood and managed through informed medical research and healthcare analytics

The Social Health Network

  • Interact with the Health Community
  • Like, comment, post, repost and share
  • Follow your favorite people and family or create a group
  • Ask questions about the things that matter most to you.
  • Get advice.
  • Stay Tuned from News
  • Stay informed on the latest changes impacting the world all in one place.

We capture, digitize, and make interoperable information sharing that will enhance the work process and ease the workload – to reduce redundancy and create efficiency in healthcare and emergency management.

Our comprehensive platform gives the client and practitioner real time information sharing for each transaction. This provides the best patient experience with interoperable controls that are not built into any other platform that currently exists on the market.

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About us

An advanced public health utility that can be used independently and/or in connection with Federal and State Agencies, ACO s, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Social Media Platforms and so much more. The cloud based digital health & surveillance platform (also called a Scope of Treatment (SOT) platform) which is an all-inclusive system, with a telemetry backend. This is an individual tracking and disease surveillance tool to benefit the users who are concerned about their individual and family health, public and private organizations that work for maintaining population health, and individuals/organizations that lean towards sustainable and equitable living. It functions as a great resource for medical research, data capturing and tracking. It s available for use on mobile devices, hospital bedside, triage rooms, outpatient centers, long term facilities, airports, schools, and more. There are no biases in our platform. Everyone is open to register for free.


The features include accessibility, compliance, digital signatures, an online notary, Tele conferencing interactive design, dashboards and bio-med technologies.

The 360Registry offers individuals the choice to make their own care decisions and set their emergency treatment preferences. Our Mobile application provides on-the-go access to Patients, providers and emergency responders.

Under the hood we have built-in digital notary, digital signature and our own secure Video engine with end-to-end encryption for Data in transit and data at rest on a platform that is HIPAA compliant

360REGISTRY is the first social health network that keeps you connected ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, on ANY DEVICE. Our goal is to connect every social media user from 18-75 in one decentralized app that provides the user a pilot seat to drive healthcare equity





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