Generation V- Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Solution

V-ETS delivers solutions to State, Local, Federal, Medical and Commercial clients by combining technical and program management expertise with a level of commitment unparalleled in the contractor community.

360HEALTH NETWORK is powered by V-ETS and SecureTech360.


Our mission is healthcare equity with autonomy. 

“Live Your Life 360” is our motto.

We are a minority, veteran, woman-owned

Integrated Bio-Med and Information technologies business built to provide the Best Patient Experience.

We are The Picture of Health.

360HealthNet Inc. is headquartered in the heart of Virginia’s “Green Valley,” an historic African American community, and is recognized as a socially conscious global brand dedicated to changing the lives of minorities, women, veterans, and at-risk youth. 

360HEALTH NETWORK ™ is dedicated to creating new healthcare products that are affordable, scalable and can support the advancement of medically underserved populations.